The idea behind research and development was to build the foundation, not only for our work in a new area but also for such an important story. This meant enquiring with the family and the incredible lawyer Emily Bolton (who runs Appeal:, responsible for the re-examination of the case, and the pursuance of justice for the family. With that secured, our writer Liam Harrison began a deep dramaturgical process. While we also began establishing and searching for new partners and organising our marketing strategy. On a place like the IOW, things can be missed and there is not a significant theatre-going audience, so we needed to make sure we reached people.As well as developing new audiences, we wanted to develop new talent. Part of the desire behind the new production was to capture and support some of the fantastic talent the Isle of Wight has to offer. Growing up here we know there are barriers towards an aspirational career like the creative arts, (one in particular known as The Solent!), so we wanted to put in place new opportunities for young, ambitious people as well as those who might have never experienced the creative arts but always wanted to. With the successful positive societal impacts the need was to make sure the production was also impactful. With exciting new IOW talent, we went about trying to create as strong a production as we could. All of the hard work paid off, as we were able to give new actors and creatives payment and experience at the industry level, while selling out our performances at the Quay Arts and Ventnor Exchange.

Director/Producer/Casting/Lighting Designer/Danny Payne & Others - Samuel Bossman

Writer/Producer/Marketing - Liam Harrison

Assistant Producer/Lighting Operator - Alice Humphreys

Photography and Videography - Charlie Price & Charlotte Fisher

Sound - Kalle Jurvanen

Graphic & Poster Design - Pui Ka Chung

Jamie Green & Others - Chris Beard

Emily Bolton & Others - Evangeline Beaven

Zoran Dresic & Others - Mustafa Zengin

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The Freshwater Five (Part 1 - Research & Development)